“Voy a hacer una carpeta de Literatura para El Paquete” (Digital compilation / Collaboration), Havana -- July 6, 2016

Under the title of "Package-Literature," this intervention was the result of a collective effort. Six Cuban writers from the Year Zero Generation created a folder to be included in the Art Section (!!!Sección A R T E) of the successful alternative medium The Weekly Package. The Art Section is coordinated by visual artist Nestor Siré and published periodically at the Weekly Package.

Package-Literature used the same folder structure of the Art Section, modifying it with the inclusion of some information related to the national and international literary scope. Replicating the way in which The Weekly Package itself is produced, each of the six authors was in charge of the compilation and curatorship of a folder and its respective subfolders.

The gesture was an attempt to reconnect young writers with potential readers that in many cases are only consumers of digital products that circulate through audiovisual and massive media such as The Weekly Package.


Erick J. Mota, Evelyn Pérez González, Raúl Flores, Yeney de Armas, Sinecio Verdecia, Lizabel Mónica

Original idea / Edition / Final curatorship: Lizabel Mónica