Escribir mierda: Introito a Juan Carlos Flores (Performance / Collaboration), Havana --October, 2008

Escribir mierda: Introito a Juan Carlos Flores (To write shit: Intro to Juan Carlos Flores). I collaboration with Nailé Piñeiro. Torre de Letras, Havana, October 23, 2008.

DESCRIPTION: Performance that introduced the launching of the book of poems El Contragolpe, del by Juan Carlos Flores. The action consisted of a public reading by poet Nailé Piñeiro, who was inside a trash bag. She read a text written by Lizabel Mónica for the occasion. During the reading, Mónica herself circulated a petition inside an orinal among the audience. The letter collected signatures to ask the Cuban Fine Arts Museum to adopt the orinal as one of its art pieces.

All the people that were present signed the petition. Among the audience were writers, artists, and cultural affairs officers.


The petition, page 1:

The petition, page 2:

The text read at the performance can be found at:

“Escribir mierda” Notes from a performance, Voces, No. 7 (Abril, 2011) pp. 47-48.