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Mónica's curatorial intervention Underdevelopment (Video Installation)

“Underdevelopment” mini-exhibition of Cuban cinematic pieces, with an emphasis on the technology involved in their production and distribution.

Mónica on El Paquete's Art Gallery at Cuban Counterpoints.

Visual Artist Nestor Siré has set up an art gallery in today’s most popular Cuban media. El Paquete is a 1 Terabyte size changing database of digital content, mostly pirated, and transferred informally through USB external hard drives.

Exercising the productive Einbildungskraft: Juego dramático con Hannah (cuento)

"Exercising the productive Einbildungskraft. Juego dramático con Hannah" (cuento) El retrato ovalado (Editorial Thesaurus, Brasil, 2012) pp. 100-112.


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